Mark Mendez and Gavin Grant
Mark and Gavin circa 2011

Mark Mendez and Gavin Grant co-founded Realest System in 2020. They met in 2004 while working at architecture firm Marmol Radziner who had detailed systems to design and build amazing buildings. This is where they first discovered the value of good systems and started their interest in developing systems of their own.

Gavin and Mark are serial entrepreneurs who have started and failed at building businesses. However, through these efforts, each has gained the knowledge honing in on their skills, creating value, and helping others with their value.

Mark has been purchasing income properties since 2009, became a Realtor in 2015, and has since helped many investors purchase their own income properties. Currently, he owns and manages 15 residential units. He has been sharing his knowledge – and mistakes – on Instagram. Mark is an active real estate agent for Compass in Santa Monica, CA.

Gavin has owned a rental property and pivoted from a career in architecture to web development. He built his first website in 2011 when he and Mark partnered to create the blog Tesón Life, where they shared business advice learned through research and real-life experience. Gavin builds websites and web apps.

Mark creates the real estate worksheets.

Gavin creates the infrastructure of the business.

The goal here is to provide you all with much-needed worksheets and a user interface, that simplifies and systematizes your real estate workflow. Ultimately, saving you time and money.