How to Kill Termites Without Tenting: Orange Oil Termite Treatment

The building I live in was recently treated for both drywood and subterranean termites. The traditional method of treatment is to tent the building and leaving your home for three days while a gas fumigant kills the termites. However, did you know there is an alternative to tenting that uses an orange oil termite treatment?

Since we live in a condo and it would have been costly to have everyone find lodging while the building is tented, we decided to use an alternative to traditional tenting methods.

After researching various companies, we ended up hiring a local company called Xtermite who have an orange oil termite treatment that doesn’t require tenting. The great thing about their method is that they can treat your home or smaller condominium in a day and you don’t even need to leave your home! We only have ten units in our building, so if you live in a larger condominium, they may need more than one day.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment

Orange oil is used to kill drywood termites. Drywood termites are very common in San Diego and tend to fly into your attic and feed off of exposed wood. Xtermite pumps orange oil into the infested wood members – usually in the attic and roof structure – and the oil wicks through to saturate the wood. The oil moves through wood like a gas, along the path of least resistance, filling up the treated piece of wood until the termites have no place to hide. Xtermite’s orange oil is created through a steam distillation process of orange rinds and is 95% pure d-limonene.

Subterranean termites live in the soil and can actually live off of your property and burrow their way into your structure from below. These termites tend to be more destructive than drywood termites. Xtermite treats these termites with an insecticide. Since they live in the soil and not the wood, Xtermite saturates the soil under your home with the insecticide and creates a barrier around your home so no termites can return.

To find out more about Xtermite visit their website at

Lastly, Xtermite’s treatment provides termite clearance when selling your home.

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