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Investment Worksheet


This dynamic investment property worksheet automatically returns invaluable numbers to help you make a better real estate investment.

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This dynamic investment property worksheet automatically returns invaluable numbers to help you make a better real estate investment.

Investment Property Worksheet at a Glance

By simply plugging in a few numbers for upfront costs, anticipated expenses, and expected rental income, this investment worksheet automatically generates the following:

Now you will be able to quickly and objectively compare potential investment properties.

The worksheet has six sections. The final section will provide you with invaluable investment analytics to determine if this property works for you as an investment. The image below is a screenshot of the top portion of the worksheet. This will give you a sense of how it’s organized.  

Section 1 – Property

The first step is easy. Enter the property address of the subject project you are evaluating.

Section 2 – Mortgage

The second step is to enter a purchase price of the property. Next, enter a down payment amount. The worksheet defaults to 20%, but you can revise this percentage or an exact amount to any number.

Depending on your loan, enter an interest rate and a loan period. The worksheet defaults at a 4% interest rate and a 360 month (30 years) loan period. Your loan amount and monthly mortgage payment are automatically populated.

Section 3 – Income

In the third section, you enter what you expect to rent each unit per month. There are fields for four units, but if you are looking at a property of five or more units, you can insert additional rows in the Excel file and copy/paste the row above.

If you are a savvy investor you will look for other ways to monetize your property. We’ve included fields for potential income from storage space and parking.

At the end of this section, you will have a total estimated monthly income based on your assumptions.

Section 4 – Expenses

Now that you know the income possible from renting out this property, you need to understand your monthly expenses. In this section, there are general assumptions made, so you can quickly get to your investment analytics. However, if you want to fine-tune the numbers, you can adjust expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, water/sewer, and maintenance. Don’t forget to account for vacancies. We’ve included a 2% vacancy by default, so you don’t forget this important factor.

At the end of this section, you will have the total estimated monthly operating expenses based on your assumptions.

Section 5 – Initial Investment

This is the final section that needs your input. All you need to enter is any initial improvements you have planned, such as painting, plumbing repairs, etc. Closing costs are automatically factored at 1.5% of the purchase price.

At the end of this section, your total investment amount is provided.

Section 6 – Investment Analytics

Finally, the sixth section of the worksheet automatically populates based on the numbers in the previous sections. You will get numbers to help you determine the value of the property:

These numbers will allow you to objectively evaluate a property’s investment potential.

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  1. Christine Nguyen

    If you want get started in Real Estate Investment, this worksheet is a must! Investing in real estate can be tricky and scary, but “Investment Worksheet” provides all the steps to help evaluate whether a property is right for my portfolio based on the numbers. It all started with this worksheet for me, and it still does. Numbers don’t lie and if the numbers don’t fit, almost nothing else matters. This worksheet saves time, energy, and headache in the decision-making process by breaking down all the numbers for me in one intuitive worksheet.

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