Rewire Your Brain to be a Better Landlord

I was the problem.

In my first few years as a landlord, I consistently had issues with my tenants.

• Rent was paid late (or partially paid).
• Tenants spoke to me however they wanted.
• I went to court twice, with two separate tenants.

It was a complete shit show!

After enough tears and headaches, I read a line in a book that changed my life.

If you consistently have problems with your tenants, you’re the problem, not them.

I read on and realized all the things I was doing wrong, and more.

I needed to improve:

• Clearer communication and boundaries
• Applying empathy
• Dissecting the contracts (Residential lease, 3-Day Notice, etc)
• Rereading the Landlord-Tenant Handbook

I had to rewire my brain to shift the responsibility onto myself. It took years to implement better boundaries and see the change. But, as I continue to ask myself, “how am I the problem?”

And, sit long enough, I tend to find creative ways where I can improve and build better systems.

Author Bio

This article was written by Mark Mendez, co-founder of Realest System. Mark has been purchasing income properties since 2009, became a Realtor in 2015, and has since helped many investors purchase their own income properties. Currently, he owns and manages 15 residential units.