The Key to Finding Answers

I have made more mistakes with my tenants than I’d like to admit to.

However, every time I make a mistake, it creates a new way of doing things. Essentially, a new system to follow.

After making enough of my own mistakes, I can now listen to other landlords speak about a tenant issue, quickly reflect on my own experiences, and arrive at a possible solution or system that would alleviate the landlord’s problem.

I have that ability because of the mistakes I have personally made.

I haven’t done this with everything in my life, but more and more, I try to make as many mistakes as possible so that I can get to finding the answers quicker.

The key to finding answers is to make as many mistakes as you can, quickly. 

It’s definitely uncomfortable, but if you can get through the pain, you’ll find that it makes you better at everything.

We have a few products we’ve created from our mistakes that help you find great tenants.

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Author Bio

This article was written by Mark Mendez, co-founder of Realest System. Mark has been purchasing income properties since 2009, became a Realtor in 2015, and has since helped many investors purchase their own income properties. Currently, he owns and manages 15 residential units.